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Meet the faces of AREA!

Our boys. Our world. Our inspiration.

Danielle & Justine originally met in high school and became really good friends. Then, we ended up meeting & marrying brothers and became sisters. Now, we each have a beautiful family with two boys that have lots of energy, big personalities and loving hearts!

The boys have always worn personalized shirts for their birthdays. But this year, we wanted to start making our own. In planning for R’s birthday, it came to light that the kids needed a pink shirt to wear in support of Anti-Bullying, so we made a few up. We made some for our friends and for some of the kids at day care. The feedback we received was so positive and heart warming.

AREA Apparel was inspired by our boys but created to spread awareness. We want to make a difference and we want to make a brighter future for our children.

With every purchase, a portion is donated to a local charity in our community.

So yes, you can buy your token holiday shirt at a box store. But when you buy one from us, you are making a difference!
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